Act 1: Chapter 1: Four Corners

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Re: Act 1: Chapter 1: Four Corners

Post by Greebs on Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:51 pm

Molly stood firm off to one side, riding the adrenaline roller coaster as Ramona made her move, comfortable to loom disquietingly in her peripheral vision rather than make a move.

She was a Rookie.

She was Out of her league.

Piss off.

Gideon had this.

And if he didn't, he could always cry out for help.


The pissed off, out of her league rookie, awkwardly jerked her head to one side, tossing a trail of long white hair out, as the domino that had set off this chain of events righted itself behind the Summer Courtier.

Weird. For all her almost adolescent proportions - all gangly arms and legs, Molly normally managed to move with a deliberate, eerie grace...

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Re: Act 1: Chapter 1: Four Corners

Post by Saeyer on Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:56 pm

Mercurial as the wind, Sylvia's interest in Kevin, and his card game, plummeted as soon as the words 'my dear' passed his lips. Her motley mates could get away with that shit, each to their own degree, but it rankled from the man in the suit. But he was right about the show, things between Ramona and Gideon hadn't shaken out the way she had thought they would.

She got what Ramona was doing. Or at least, she imagined she did. Power dynamics were fucked all over the place, since the attack: folks who had allowed the structure of life in the Freehold to help them come to a kind of equilibrium were adrift, violently reminded that the past had long arms. Nothing was ever quite as far away as they hoped. Some took control where they could find it, flexing the power they had to comfort themselves at others' expense.

Whatever Gideon's deal was, he was obviously successful at being a dick. He'd drawn a weapon on their motley mate, too, which the Fairest couldn't imagine Ramona would be quick to forgive. What Sylvia herself found hard to forgive, was the lack of Summer solidarity. They weren't chasing the Ogre off, but they weren't backing her up either: they were letting Autumn walk all over them at their own event, proving that the seasonal balance really was askew. While it technically wasn't any of her business, that had never stopped Sylvia before. And besides, before Ramona had been her motley mate and obnoxious voice of duty, she had been something like a friend.

"Thanks for the advice," she said to the pit at large, nonchalant, "But unfortunately, don't think I can take it." Saluting Kevin with the card, she handed it back. Sweet Sylvia stood and stepped out of the pit, avoiding Kyle's eyes lest he interpret a look as a call to back her up; it was equal parts desire not to pressure him, and thinking about how cool she would look if this worked out solo. Well, maybe 40/60.

Her pace was sedate, the half-finished beer bottle dangling from her fingers as if she were merely headed for a new cluster of friends. "Y'all have a weird concept of party games." Ignoring Hailey completely, Sylvia rested her forearm on one of Ramona's shoulders, trusting that her words a few steps earlier had been enough of a warning. Even then, she picked the shoulder that wasn't attached to the gun arm. "I know it's the first time we've all been together in awhile," she continued, smiling wryly up at Ramona, "But I was hoping we could have a beer, catch up, and then get in a fight. You don't mind, right?" Almost as if she were only just noticing him, her eyes moved innocently to Gideon. "'Cause, like, if you want her to just shoot you and get it over with, that's cool, I can wait."

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Re: Act 1: Chapter 1: Four Corners

Post by InvertedMonkey on Sat Sep 16, 2017 4:52 pm

The shot has the true feeling of one you know is going to hit, and the probes smack dully into Gideon’s chest, and what happens next… is something that falls somewhere between jack and shit. Oh sure, the electricity surges through the thin wires, crackling the air, but the asshole doesn’t seem to care much. Ramona frowns, but doesn’t flinch, at this development, unwilling to be distracted. Except that the moment is apparently enough for someone to sneak around behind her back. She had tried not to allow that, but apparently she had not succeeded. Ramona can’t see Hailey, but if Ramona had been engaging this situation the way Hailey is, it would indicate that she had a weapon leveled. Or in an Autumn courtier’s place, maybe a contract, or some other magical brouhaha.

Too late to spot Hailey anyway, she keeps her eyes, and gun, on the simian man. If nothing else, to buy time. She’s still trying to work out a way to safely get out from between two potentially hostile Changelings when another motley-mate makes her presence known. It gives Ramona enough time to check the reflex to treat the sudden physical contact as an attack and respond appropriately. Thankfully, Sylvia isn’t interfering with Ramona’s gun arm. Her eyes flick aside to the Fairest, just for a moment, before returning to Gideon, as Sylvia’s words land.

She’d been prepared to escalate this, until Sylvia and Hailey became involved. Having Sylvia here complicates matters. She isn’t a fighter, and has never wanted to be. If this comes to violence, she’d be at risk, Ramona would be split between fighting off her opponent and protecting Sylvia. And with Hailey involved, Ramona’s opponents may be newly plural, and outflanking her. Yet Sylvia’s presence also acts as a break on the steadily rising tension, her relaxed and unconcerned posture totally at odds with the potentially mortal conflict Ramona and Gideon are engaged in. It wouldn’t be hard exactly to pull the trigger on the monkey-man with sweet Sylvia hanging off Ramona’s shoulder, but it would be… uncomfortable.

“Tasing you seemed preferable to shooting you,” she replies to Gideon after a long breath of silence. She holds the weapon’s sights on his center-mass for a long moment before slowly lowering the firearm. “If you ever draw a weapon on my motley again, I won’t repeat the mistake. I’ll shoot you on the spot.” The last sentence is implied, but she adds it in anyway, in case he’s as stupid as his previous actions suggest. Though somehow she imagines that malice is more a factor than ignorance, here. Still, it pays to make one’s self clear. ‘Set yourself on fire,’ one teacher had told Ramona, ‘That way it’s their own fault if they get burned.’

Ramona pops the useless spent cartridge out of the taser gun, letting it fall into the grass trailing the wires still connected to the probes in Gideon's chest. After holstering the empty taser she snakes her free hand between herself and Sylvia and around Sylvia’s waist and steps to the side, moving both of them out from between Gideon and Hailey, and a few steps back. It might look like giving ground, but she’s sure as hell not going to put pride above safety. And it finally lets her get eyes on Hailey. She hasn’t holstered her gun yet, but it is pointed at the ground. All she aims at Hailey is a hard glance, and a few steely words. “It may benefit us both in the future if you remember;” her voice deepens, taking on a growling quality, and hoarse like slabs of rough stone grinding against each other, “A smith is not all that I am.”

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