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How to roll. Empty How to roll.

Post by ST McDude on Thu Aug 17, 2017 11:37 am

Since it's not immediately obvious to get the code for rolling I'll point a couple options out.

Three ways to go about this:

1: The bb code for it is [ roll="d10"][/roll  ]. Just remove the spaces between the first and last bracket in that formula. Then adding the number of d10s you want to roll between the two bracket sets. You can just type this into the text and it'll roll when you post. If you edit a post it rerolls however. So keep that in mind. The forum dedicated to rolling isn't able to be edited by anyone but admins, so it's the safest place to keep your rolls.

2: It's technically the same as 1. You can have the system drop the bb code, in case you forgot or are lazy about it like me. When you are on the Post a Reply screen. There is an "..." button above the text. Click that and more options appear. There will be one that is a dice cube. When you click that it populates the code.

3: If you go to the Preview screen for your post, down at the bottom there will be a dropdown box with "Roll Dice" in front of it. This is a good solution if you want to have rolls in private rp or glimpses. The system generates a post after yours with the dice rolls in it.
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